Phone Answering Service

Phone Support is one of the oldest and most commonly used Support Channel despite the availability of modern contact center systems that allow communication via emails, live chat, social media and text messages.

Customers tend to be most satisfied if they speak to a person than automated IVRs or other support mediums. While Phone Answering Service or Phone Support is one of the core features of a Customer Support Department, it comes with a huge price and involves managing phone lines, call center system, a team of support executives, servers or cloud, data security and not to mention, the legalities involved in maintaining the department!

While you are best at managing your core business functions, you don’t need to get involved in operational stuff that can not only take a lot of your precious time but also requires huge financial investments.

Being in this industry for over 5 years, we fully understand modern contact center needs and are equipped with right tools and resources to deliver World Class support to your customers.

We can do all types of Call / Phone Answering Service (except telemarketing), from taking messages, answering basic product / service questions, scheduling to offering Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical and billing support! We have worked for startups, small and medium sized businesses as well as have handled sales, technical and scheduling support with 24/7 Support, Business hours, After Hours and Weekend Support, 365 days a year!

Types of Phone Answering Service

Taking Messages

We can be your Phone Receptionist and answer phone calls as well as take messages for you. We can then forward information via email or another communication medium.

We can also transfer live calls if needed.

If you are a Corporate office, a Service Provider or a Business entity needing round the clock or afterhours phone answering service, this is perfect for you. Never miss your important phone calls!

Simlpy forward calls to us and we will start answering

Scheduling Assistance

With our Phone Answering Service, we can help manage bookings and appointments for you or your team. We can do following:

  • Answer incoming calls and schedule bookings
  • Call prospective customers and book them for visit
  • Manage cancellations and rescheduling
  • Answer general inquiries about your service

We have experience doing this for Doctor’s offices, Technician Management companies, Cleaning services and few other service providers.


Follow Up Calls

We can make outbound follow up calls to existing customers for instance, updating customer information, reminding about failed auto-payments etc.

We can do this as an ongoing help for your regular business needs or if you have a one time project, we can work on it as well.

We use our own VOIP to make calls and can setup your business phone number as Caller ID so if someone calls back, they still dial your support number.

Pre-sales Support

We can help answering product or service related questions and help potential customers through sales process. We can also help processing payment over the phone.

If you are running a sales campaign or have a product launch, we can learn about your product or offering and help increase sales.

This is perfect for companies looking to get extra phone answering support during Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals as well as during Christmas holidays.

Order Processing

We can process orders over the phone, our contact center is PCI compliant and we don’t record or save credit card information with us.

We have experience processing orders for Cellular Services, Ecommerce stores and few other industries.

Our agents are great at taking down details and can quickly process orders for you. We can also make follow up calls if needed when placing orders.

Phone Support

We can answer your Phone Calls and provide general as well as technical and billing support. This may include inbound / outbound calls, order processing, technical support, billing support etc.

We have professional phone answering service setup and lot of experience working as first line receptionist and support for several businesses.

We have lot of experience working in CRMs like Infusionsoft and Salesforce, Billing systems like and Helpdesk systems like Zendesk and Intercom

Research calls

We can do outbound calls to collect specific information that may later be used in your marketing campaigns, for instance, find out how many shower stalls are there in list of Gyms provided etc

This can include updating missing information in your database.

In addition to above, if you are looking for another type of call handling, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss.